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A rebus (/ ˈ r iː b ə s /) is a puzzle device that combines the use of illustrated pictures with individual letters to depict words or phrases. For example: the word been might be depicted by a rebus showing an illustrated bumblebee next to a plus sign (+) and the letter n. It was a favourite form o Test your smarts with these rebus puzzles Rebus puzzles, also known as word picture puzzles or picture riddles, use images or words to convey a phrase or message, typically a common idiom or..

Uluru is a famous rock of sorts. Scroll down for the answers Rebus is a British television detective drama series based on the Inspector Rebus novels by the Scottish author Ian Rankin. The series was produced by STV Studios for the ITV network, and four series were broadcast between 26 April 2000 and 7 December 2007. The first series starred John Hannah as DI John Rebus; and was co-produced by Hannah's own production company, Clerkenwell Films. After.

The REBUS model states that psychedelics relax higher-order beliefs, allowing information from lower levels to reorganize the mind. According to the REBUS model, psychedelics may relax rigid higher-order beliefs, allowing information from the senses and lower levels of processing to burst through and reorganize the mind How many of these 24 rebus puzzles can you solve? Scroll down for the answers. * * * * * * * Answers: 1.Forget it 2. Jack in the box 3. Somewhere over the rainbow 4. Back door 5. Read between the lines 6. Blood is thicker than water 7. Belong 8. Cancelled check (o Das Rebus-Prinzip beschreibt die Verwendung von Symbolen oder Schriftzeichen als Lautzeichen (Phonogramm), ohne Rücksicht auf die ursprüngliche Bedeutung der Zeichen. Das Prinzip findet sich in vielen logographischen Schriften - Schriften, die auf Wortzeichen basieren Die REBUS Regionalbus Rostock ist zuständig für den Busverkehr im Landkreis Güstrow. Sie erhalten Informationen zur den Fahrplänen und Tickets, Klassenfahrtangeboten, Ausflugszielen und Mietbussen der REBUS Reginalbus Rostock Gmb Rebus is a lean service bus implementation for.NET. It is what ThoughtWorks in 2010 called a message bus without smarts - a library that works well as the dumb pipes when you need asynchronous communication in your microservices that follow the smart endpoints, dumb pipes principle. Rebus aims to hav

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Ein Bilderrätsel, auch der oder das Rebus (lat. rebus ‚durch Dinge') genannt, ist ein größtenteils aus Zeichnungen bestehendes Rätsel: Eine Reihe von Bildern und Zeichen, deren Wortlaut durch Aneinanderfügung und Abstraktion einen oder mehrere neue Begriffe ergeben, die mit den Bildern in keinem sachlichen Zusammenhang stehen The fourth Inspector Rebus novel from the No.1 bestselling author of A SONG FOR THE DARK TIMES - 'unmatched in the field of British crime fiction' THE TIMES. Gregor Jack, MP, well-liked, young, married to the fiery Elizabeth - to the outside world a very public success story rebus Regionalbus Rostock GmbH Parumer Weg 35 18273 Güstrow Tel 03843 6940-0 Fax 03843 6940-29 Set in Edinburgh, the mercurial Detective Inspector John Rebus's investigations lead him through the city's ancient beauty and into its more sinister quarters Rebus. Organization account for the free open-source bits from Rebus FM. Aarhus area, Denmark. https://rebus.fm. hello@rebus.fm. Verified. We've verified that the organization rebus-org controls the domain: rebus.fm. Learn more about verified organizations

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The Rebus Textbook Success Program was an invaluable resource for helping me connect with the broader open community, and it certainly helped my team of educators develop its open textbook. Detailed scaffolding is there for those who are less familiar with open archives, software, and other resources. The Rebus support team, especially Apurva, fosters encouragement and support. And those. Rebus is blamed and investigated by Clive Dawson, once his best friend, now anything but. Carr and his obnoxious brother are murdered and chief suspect is Brian Robertson, another pusher, whose estranged son was Carr's victim. To complicate matters Carr's sister and Robertson's law-abiding son are in love and, whilst Dawson is honorable, his female assistant has been primed by the slimy.

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This is the fifth novel in the Inspector John Rebus series and after the somewhat dry subject matter dealt with in Strip Jack, this is a return to form in terms of providing both more action and plenty of the trademark Rebus wit. Significantly, it is at this juncture in the series that Ian Rankin first began to visualise his Rebus novels as a series, transition location-wise from a 'fictional' Edinburgh to the city authentic and introduced the perfect foil for Rebus in DC Siobhan Clarke. The. #animation #experimentalfilm #noirMartin tried to fight the system, and now he's on the run. Sara is a conceptual artist. Together they join the revolutionar..

HANNAH: Rebus is known for being relatively dark compared to a lot of other police procedurals. Despite Hannah's youth, his episodes of Rebus are darker in tone than Stott's. Brutal murders are depicted in gruesome detail, like in the graphically violent opening scene of 'Black & Blue'. STOTT: While Stott's episodes are by no means light-hearted - he's still John Rebus, after all - some of the. Rebus setzt Clarke auf ihn an, eine Frau, die ihm zunehmend mehr Furcht einflößt, denn sie verfügt nicht nur über Intelligenz, sondern ein geradezu übernatürliches Erinnerungsvermögen. Als die Operation am folgenden Montag beginnt, teilen sich Clarke und Rebus ein spärlich möbliertes Zimmer in einem angeblich verlassenen Haus mit den zwei Leuten von Trading Standards, um Foto. A brilliant Rebus novel from the master of British crime. It's late autumn in Edinburgh and late autumn in the career of Detective Inspector Rebus. As he tries to tie up some loose ends before retirement, a murder case intrudes. A dissident Russian poet has been found dead in what looks like a mugging gone wrong. By apparent coincidence, a delegation of Russian businessmen is in town - and. The first of the REBUS programs introduces the Scottish Detective Inspector John Rebus as he untangles the various strands of the interwoven web of criminal intrigues from Leith, Edinburgh to Aberdeen and Glasgow and points between. A serial killer of young women of the past, known as 'The Preacher' appears to have a copycat murderer dubbed 'The Disciple', who is repeating the modus operandi. But is it 'The Preacher' who has returned to continue his work of death? Or it is truly another.

Rebus is a British television detective drama series based on the Inspector Rebus novels by the Scottish author Ian Rankin. The series was produced by STV Studios for the ITV network, and four series were broadcast between 26 April 2000 and 7 December 2007 Put your brainpower to the test with 25 rebus puzzles. If you need help, check the picture riddle hint below each puzzle. Then look for the answer to see if you got it right How to use. 1 To create the rebus puzzle enter the word or short phrase in the Word of phrase field and press the. Generate rebus. button. Created rebus puzzle consists of up to 10 images and rebus decode instuctions shown below each image. Each decode hint may suggest to: · add a letter eg. +A. · remove a letter eg. -A Rebus puzzles are basically little pictures, often made with letters and words, which cryptically represent a word, phrase, or saying. important=important Answer . Equally Important. U R YY 4 me Answer . You are too wise for me. O N C E TIME Answer . Once upon a time (Once Up On A Time). DOX DOX Answer . Paradox . LEM ADE Answer . Lemonade (LEM on ADE). MOUNT MOUNT MOUNT MOUNT MOUNT MOUNT.

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Rebus puzzle is a game of guessing words in symbols, letters, numbers, and random pictures. Because it becomes something that requires problem-solving, Rebus belongs to the puzzle category. Like most puzzles, how to play Rebus puzzle is to find the correct wording of the given clue. The clue given is something random but can be arranged into a word. To be a reliable Rebus player, you need lots. REBUS. Jetzt kaufen bei oder unterstütze Deinen Buchhändler vor Ort. Erschienen: Januar 2017. Bibliographische Angaben. London: Orion, 2014, Titel: 'The beat goes on', Seiten: 464, Originalsprache; München: Goldmann, 2017, Seiten: 766, Übersetzt: Conny Lösch; Leser-Wertung-Zum Bewerten, einfach Säule klicken. 1° 50° 100° Zum Bewerten, einfach Säule klicken. Bitte bestätige -als. Der beste Rebus-Generator des Internets findet sich (nach eigener Aussage) bei Rebus Club. Mit dieser Webseite lassen sich die kleinen, motivierenden Bilderrätsel ganz einfach online erstellen. Nach der Auswahl der Sprache und dem Schwierigkeitsgrad wird der zu verrätselnde Begriff oder Satz eingegeben und nach dem Klick au At the heart of the Rebus Esper is our patented Synthetic Aperture Optics or SAO, which allows image-based spatial analysis of single cells with no compromise between resolution, scale and speed. In SAO, the sample is illuminated by a series of high-resolution light patterns that are created by the interference of excitation laser beams

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Home | The Rebus Eye. 15940. home,page-template,page-template-full_width,page-template-full_width-php,page,page-id-15940,bridge-core-2.5.6,ajax_fade,page_not_loadedqode-title-hidden,qode-child-theme-ver-1..0,qode-theme-ver-24.1,qode-theme-bridge,disabled_footer_top,qode_header_in_grid,wpb-js-composer js-comp-ver-6.4.2,vc_responsive Diese Webseite bietet möglicherweise Inhalte oder Funktionalitäten an, die von Drittanbietern eigenverantwortlich zur Verfügung gestellt werden

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in rebus corporate finance GmbH Friedrichstrasse 95 10117 Berlin Deutschland +49 30 204 59 749 info@inrebus.d Season 2 of Rebus comes several changes. Ken Stott has replace John Hannah and is better suited for the role of the tough, gruff detective Rebus. You no longer hear the narrative of Rebus talking to himself as in the first season. A change for the better (also called Frame Games© or Word Picture Puzzles) A REBUS is a picture representation of a name, work, or phrase. Each rebus puzzle box below portrays a common word or phrase. Can you guess what it is

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For Rebus, the city is just 'a crime scene waiting to happen'. How did Edinburgh inspire such dark stories? FIND OUT MORE. NEWSLETTER SIGNUP First name: Email address: The books featured on this site are aimed primarily at readers aged 13 or above and therefore you must be 13 years or over to sign up to our newsletter. Please tick this box to indicate that you're 13 or over. Sign up to. Übersetzung Latein-Deutsch für rebus im PONS Online-Wörterbuch nachschlagen! Gratis Vokabeltrainer, Verbtabellen, Aussprachefunktion Rebus (pronounced ree-b uh s) is derived from the Latin phrase nōn verbīs sed rebus, meaning not by words but by things. Perhaps the simplest and most common rebus in use today is IOU for I owe you. II. Examples of Rebus. Many forms of rebus can be found in modern word play puzzles. Example Die Rebus Renderfarm ist Dein schneller und zuverlässiger CPU und GPU Renderfarm Service, der alle gängigen 3D-Softwares unterstützt. Die Renderfarm ist ein auf das Rendern von 3D-Projekten spezialisiertes Datenzentrum. Die Aufgabe der Renderfarm besteht darin, Renderjobs wesentlich einfacher und schneller auszuführen, indem das Rendern über Hunderte und Tausende von Servern verteilt wird

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  1. Rebus is a host character in the first and second season of Westworld. He is played by Steven Ogg. 1 Biography 1.1 Background 2 Plot 2.1 Season One 2.1.1 The Original 2.1.2 The Stray 2.1.3 The Well-Tempered Clavier 2.1.4 The Bicameral Mind 2.2 Season Two 2.2.1 Journey Into Night 2.2.2..
  2. Mit der Krimiserie um Inspector John Rebus konnte Ian Rankin eine breit gefächerte Leserschaft für sich gewinnen. Der Hauptprotagonist ist ein erfahrener Ermittler, der selbst verschiedene Traumata zu bewältigen hat. Seit 1987 erscheinen die Fälle um John Rebus und begeistern eine große Fangemeinde. Inzwischen ist der Ermittler in Pension geschickt (und wieder reaktiviert) und durch einen.
  3. Rebus doesn't have a generic host though - and there's a good reason for that! . The reason is, that there's no reason why the Windows Service host should in any way be Rebus-specific! What you really want in a Windows Service host (and in any host, really) is just a simple model for initializing something, keeping it around for the duration of the program's lifetime, with.
  4. französisch rébus < lateinisch (de) rebus (quae geruntur) = (von) Sachen (die sich ereignen
  5. Rebus has not changed much, his habits remain the same, but I do detect a little empathy in the man. He is trying to deal with the changes in the workplace and the computerization of his workplace. Rebus is the man who loves the music, the whiskey, the man who pays little attention to the niceties of life. There are some tell tale signs that Rebus might be working with his unit again.. He is.
  6. A rebus communicates its message by means of pictures or symbols whose names sound like various parts of a word, phrase, or sentence. For example, a picture of a can of tomatoes, followed by the letters UC and a picture of a well means Can you see well

The project is now in the hands of Tim Robbins and the Rebus Community, who will expand the texts covered and source introductions to each section. We are looking for collaborators to help us develop a more comprehensive series of texts and build the book out to meet the needs of Early American students and scholars REBus also applies the knowledge gained in new pilot projects and stimulates participants to share their knowledge. Objective for REBus REBus in the Netherlands aims to inspire purchasers and suppliers to think about retaining the value of raw materials in the whole supply chain from the very first request for a product or service. Its work. Robert Rauschenberg. Rebus. 1955. Oil, alkyd paint, pencil, crayon, pastel, cut-and-pasted printed and painted papers, and fabric on canvas mounted and stapled to fabric, three panels. 8' x 10' 11 1/8 (243.8 x 333.1 cm). Partial and promised gift of Jo Carole and Ronald S. Lauder and bequest of Virginia C. Field, gift of Mr. and Mrs. Peter A. Rübel, and gift of Jay R. Braus (all by exchange. Die einzigartige Pay-per-Call-Lösung von Jurebus löst genau dieses Problem für Sie als Anwalt und liefert Ihnen qualifizierte Mandatsanfragen aus Ihrem Einzugsgebiet per Telefon in Echtzeit - und nur dafür bezahlen Sie, rein erfolgsbasiert. D. h., Sie zahlen ausschließlich für erfolgreich vermittelte, neue Mandatskontakte, die mit Ihnen persönlich sprechen wollen Inspector Rebus is a character and series of detective fiction novels by Scottish author Ian Rankin. The police procedural series is considered to fall into the Scottish Tartan Noir subgenre. The Detective Inspector John Rebus character is based in Edinburgh. Unlike other series, the character does age with time, as the character turned 60 years old with.

The Rebus Render Farm is the trusted CPU and GPU render farm service that supports all common 3D software. RebusFarm operates its own data center that consists of hundreds of thousands of servers. Each render job, that is sent to the farm, is distributed amongst all those servers and therefore it is possible to render your project significantly faster. Render jobs that take hours at other render farms are rendered in minutes at RebusFarm Rebus stories can help beginning learners fill in more difficult words. Some rebus stories have only the picture and the child fills in the word. Rebus rhymes and stories are great for young children who are just beginning to learn to read. There are pictures instead of words throughout the story and rhyme. These can really make reading fun, entertaining, and hopefully, help children develop a. The Rebus books are published in the UK by Orion and by other publishers overseas. They are also available on audio tape and CD. Each novel is a complete story in its own right so you can jump into the series at any stage. But as Rebus himself matures as a character, many prefer to read the books in chronological order. Rankin has also published a number of collections of short stories, some.

Rebus definition, a representation of a word or phrase by pictures, symbols, etc., that suggest that word or phrase or its syllables: Two gates and a head is a rebus for Gateshead. See more Rebus Community is an initiative of the Rebus Foundation, a Canadian registered charity. We support a model of publishing that is collaborative, efficient, and open. Our activities include: The Rebus Guide to Publishing Open Textbooks (So Far): A step-by-step guide to creating open textbooks in a collaborative way. The Textbook Success Program: A professional development package for creators.

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  1. John Rebus once served in Britain's elite SAS. Now he's an Edinburgh cop who hides from his memories and misses promotions. To solve brutal murders, he enters the grittiest sides of Edinburgh, the dark heart of contemporary Scotland which lurks behind the elegant and historic buildings
  2. rebus - a puzzle where you decode a message consisting of pictures representing syllables and words problem - a question raised for consideration or solution; our homework consisted of ten problems to solve Based on WordNet 3.0, Farlex clipart collection. © 2003-2012 Princeton University, Farlex Inc
  3. Mit Rebus Home haben wir ein Unternehmen geschaffen mit dem Ziel, den Immobilienmarkt leichter zugänglich zu machen. Mit unserer wichtigsten Aufgabe - der Immobilien/- Finanzierung, Verwaltung und Beratung.Unsere Kunden profitieren beim Kauf oder Verkauf ihrer Immobilie vom ersten Tag an von unserem breiten Leistungsangebot
  4. istration in New Zealand before completing the Master of Publishing program at Simon Fraser University. Having gained an alternative view of academic publishing, she is now focused on creating value-exchange systems that support better, more democratic access to knowledge and learning

the Rebus' Hole. 465 likes. Οι the Rebus' Hole ήταν ένα πενταμελές συγκρότημα που δημιουργήθηκε στα Ιωάννινα το 2011 As Rebus looks for the young man's killer, he runs across a brutal professional even the most hardened criminals fear. Buy Book. Amazon Apple Books Barnes & Noble Google Play Ebooks.com Kobo Black and Blue Ian Rankin. A copycat killer nicknamed Bible Johnny is terrorizing the streets of Edinburgh, but Rebus is not on the case, thanks to office politics. Instead, he's on the outskirts of town. The Rebus Render Farm is a high performance computer system, consisting of many powerful hardware components, which provides a user with a lot of computing power to realize 3D projects. The focus of the service is on high quality and extremely fast rendering. Find out more ️ https://bit.ly/2Xy6KK Detective Inspector John Rebus is the protagonist in the Inspector Rebus series of detective novels by the Scottish writer Ian Rankin, ten of which have so far been televised as Rebus.The novels are mostly set in and around Edinburgh.Rebus has been portrayed by John Hannah and Ken Stott for Television, with Ron Donachie playing the character for the BBC Radio dramatisations The rebus principle provided the means to overcome this limitation. Fully developed hieroglyphs read in rebus fashion were in use at Abydos in Ancient Egypt as early as 3400 BC. A famous Ancient Egyptian rebus statue of Ramses II consists of three hieroglyphic elements. A large falcon representing Horus the sun god - RA, who is standing behind a sitting child - MES, and the child is.

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Rebus. 14 episodes. The crime drama series is based on Ian Rankin's series of novels about Inspector John Rebus, starring John Hannah and Ken Stott. Featured 1 hr 39 mins. 1 hr 39 mins. Black and Blue. A serial killer of the past, known as 'The Preacher' appears to have a copycat dubbed 'The Disciple'. But has 'The Preacher' returned to continue his work? First broadcast 26/04/2000 . G. Series. Rebus Generator. Create your own rebus. Instantly turn any text turned into a fun puzzle! (English, Deutsch, Dansk, Nederlands) Edit Finish. Contact; store-sto+ bus. Use Emoji characters instead of images Show hints Print Share. × . Color or Image Upload Photo Color. Upload.

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The REBUS Render Farm provides you with 1.000 CPUs right away to render your still-images and animations. No matter which 3D-application you're using: We support them all! Whether you have to meet close deadlines or permanently need a reliable partner for your renderings - our renderfarm service is fast, safe and easy, thanks to our unique technology, the Farminizer Software. We're the only. Ian Rankin: offizielle Website zu den Inspector-Rebus-Romanen, Interviews und Hintergrundinfos zum mörderischen Schauplatz Edinburg The Rebus Game was ABC's short-lived answer to Concentration. After two pairs of contestants were given the category of the day, one member of a team would have 45 seconds to draw a syllable in the secret word. If the drawer's partner correctly identified the syllable, the team scored 10 points. If not, one player from the other team would draw a syllable. If neither team identified a syllable. Other common symbols in rebus puzzles include: 2 - to or too 4 - for 8 - ate R - are U - you a bee - sound of the word be a sheep - sound of ewe, which can represent the word you a knot - sound of not a can of food - sound of ca

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From French rébus ( rebus (puzzle); ambiguity; word used in an oblique sense; unintelligible remark ), or directly from its probable etymon Latin rēbus, the ablative plural of rēs ( object, stuff, thing; issue, matter, subject, topic ), ultimately from Proto-Indo-European *reh₁ís ( goods; wealth ).The connection between the English word and its Latin etymon is unclear. REBUS = Multiprofessionelle Regionale Beratungs- und Unterstützungsstellen. Rebus = Bilderrätsel < lat. rebus durch die Dinge, Ablativ Mehrzahl von res Sache, Ding. Schulpsychlogische Beratung in Hamburg: Die Adressen der meisten Hamburger Schulberatungsstellen haben sich geändert. Die ehemalige Dienststelle Schülerhilfe ist flächendeckend ersetzt worden durch sog. Regionale Beratungs. The Rebus Economics made simple. Follow. What is Hyperinflation? What is Hyperinflation? In economics, hyperinflation is defined as extreme economic inflation with prices rising at a very high.

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Looking for online definition of REBUS or what REBUS stands for? REBUS is listed in the World's largest and most authoritative dictionary database of abbreviations and acronyms REBUS is listed in the World's largest and most authoritative dictionary database of abbreviations and acronym Praktische Beispielsätze. Automatisch ausgesuchte Beispiele auf Deutsch: Wegen eines weiteren Warnstreiks der Bus- und Straßenbahnfahrer stehen am Samstag sowohl die Züge der Rostocker Straßenbahn AG als auch die Busse der Rebus Regionalbus Rostock GmbH still. GMX, 01. Februar 2020 So kündigten die für Nordwestmecklenburg zuständige Gesellschaft Nahbus, die Rebus im Landkreis. The new Dolan Rebus is made from Toray T1000 carbon fibre. Characterised by high strength and comparatively low weight, the beautifully finished frameset performs as well as it looks. The UCI-approved aero design ensures slick performance in competition, while internal cable routing achieves that clean streamlined look. Engineered for the seamless integration with electronic groupsets, the. Rebus Renderfarm 3.0 Software. The unique RebusFarm 3.0 Software makes the rendering process at the Rebus Renderfarm as easy and comfortable as possible. The software integrates into your 3D application and offers a wide range of functions that help setting up the rendering with a few easy clicks

Each rebus puzzle consists of a category, the answer boxes, and a series of picture clues. The category gives a vague hint to what sort of answer you are looking for (person, phrase, thing etc.). The answer boxes give the enumeration for the word or words in the answer - one letter per box. The picture clues are the meat of the puzzle. Each picture represents a sound, and in sequence, the. 3.2k members in the rebus community. Rebus puzzles. A member of the [Puzzle Network](/r/PuzzleNetwork) Rebus. Suggestive of rough stone, worn leather and charred wood for a luxe take on the industrial look. Colours: REB 04. Colours: REB 01. Colours: REB 02. Colours: REB 03. Colours: REB 05. Colours: REB 06. Colours: REB 07. Colours: REB 08. Colours: REB 09. Colours: REB 10. Colours: REB 11. Colours: REB 12. Quantity Spec sheet Download Roll Sizing: Rebus is supplied on 130 wide by 30 rolls. Rebus. Regionale Beratungs- und Unterstützungsstelle (REBUS) An der Altkönigschule arbeitet zurzeit ein Team aus vier Förderschullehrkräften und einer Förderschullehrkraft im Vorbereitungsdienst. Das Ziel ist es, Schülerinnen und Schüler mit besonderem Förderbedarf in den Bereichen Lernen, emotional-soziale Entwicklung, Sprache und geistige Entwicklung an der Schule in ihrer.

With Rebus you get another main character, and that's Edinburgh, and Edinburgh's a city that a lot of people think they know but when they read one of my books, they realise there's a lot about Edinburgh that they didn't know, or maybe didn't even suspect. Rankin's rockin' a new style in crime. I'VE never watched the TV versions (of Rebus), I can honestly say that. Rankin's rockin' a new style. We are committed to REBUS' energy and climate change activities though our Climate Emergency Response Plan, aiming to meet the carbon zero target for the whole of the County by 2050. The REBUS project has been a key element of developing thinking and driving change. Thank you to Interreg Europe and all the partner organisations in the UK and. Rebus Restrooms build top quality public amenities structures, from single pan toilets to large architecturally designed facilities for high use applications. We produce these facilities using Precast Concrete- a durable, solid building material with many inherent benefits. Our prefabricated construction methods mean your new facility arrives onsite as a finished unit- ready to be connected. Use this 'Rebus: The Beach (full color) (k-1)' printable worksheet in the classroom or at home. Your students will love this 'Rebus: The Beach (full color) (k-1)'. A rebus story of activities at the beach with word recognition matching activity and yes no answer questions. The Zoo Rebus . A rebus story followed by comprehension questions. Good for primary or early readers. Frog (full color. Rebus, says Clarke, ruefully, to Fox, is like one of those chess wizards, the ones who play a dozen boards at the same time. So, it feels sometimes, is Rankin, as he weaves his dual plots into.

REBUS - Rebus - Rebus - Rebus - REBUS - REBUS - Rebus - Rebus - Rebus - Rebus - REBUS - Rebus - Rebus - REBUS - Rebus - Rebus - rebus - rebus - Rebus - rebus Greetings all and welcome to the Casual Taverns community! I go by Rebus here on Twitch and I appreciate you stopping by the channel. I stream part time, usually 3 day's a week. When I'm not live, I work full time as a SysAdmin and I'm a father of 3. Feel free to ask me anything and again welcome!

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